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Quality... our commitment your guarantee
Dont let other contractors leave you with an unliveable mess.
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Decks and fences
We will design a deck layout to fit your every need. Pressure treated or cedar.
Quality... our commitment your guarantee
Consistant conformance to our customers expectations

Renovations + Workmanship =
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    Home Repair
    Replace a faucet Remodel the laundry room Upgrade the bathroom Need more electrical outlets Add new Bell,Cable TV or Internet Cables Repair holes in your drywall Install Garage doors Minor upgrades to your home
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    New Construction and BasementRenovation
    Complete Basement Renovation Reconfigure the room layouts Thinking about Open Concept Remove a wall Upgrade your home New Crown Mouldings and Base Boards
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    Decks & Fences
    We take great pride in building your outdoor retreat. Your fences are getting old and starting to lean or posts are rotting out. WE CAN DISPOSE OF ALL THE OLD POSTS, BOARDS AND CONCRETE.
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    Home Inspections
    Thinking of selling. We can review the condition of your home prior to selling and give you a report on the areas that may be a concern to new buyers. It may impact on your selling price. These items may be a quick fix and easily resolved keeping you at your asking price..
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